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Winners (7)

Talent Management Specialist Award: Initiating a Proactive Customised C4G Coaching Intervention for Developing Talent
During the organisational review, there were deliberations to align the best people with the organisation’s core objectives. The organisation had to move away from quick fix solution.

Learning and Development Specialist Award: Initiating an Internal Contact Center and Query Resolution System for Improving Self-Learning and Turnaround Time
The organisation was changing from the old system to a new software application developed by the Group to be implemented across its subsidiaries in Africa.

Learning and Development Outstanding Profiler: Creating a Standardised Competence Based Internal Learning System
The individual joined a regional organisation that had expanded on the Continent from one country to five countries in a space of 10 years.

HR Administration of the Public Service Award: Creating and Implementing a Strategy for Attracting Critical Staff in Rural Districts
As a result of poor working conditions in the rural areas, the District Local Government had a big challenge of attracting and retaining quality human resources, with critical staff such as teachers, health workers being always in scarcity.

HR Administration: Downsizing without Pain
With the volatile economic situation the organisational began to experience high costs of perations requiring a review of all departmental costs. In March 2014, the company undertook a cost reduction exercise and decided to restructure by outsourcing one of the functions.

Gold Award Public Sector: Building Capacity in a Public Service Establishment
1. The Central Government sends capacity building funds to local governments. When I joined a local government as an HR officer, I found that the capacity building needs far outstripped the grant we receive.

Gold Award Private Sector: HR Strategist and Business Partner: Creating a Professional HR Function in a Large Local Private Sector Corporation
The individual joined a large and established local corporation that was flourishing in terms of markets, production, and recruitment. With no one keeping a professional eye on the people, the source of all productive resources, the company began to experience a significant backlash of employee disengagement.

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