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The Human Resource Manager’s Association of Uganda is a registered professional association for Human Resource Management practitioners as well as Public Institutions with a Human Resource function.

The association is affiliated to the World Federation of People Management (WFPMA), the African Federation of Human Resource Management Associations (AFHRMA) and the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE)

To be a leading Professional association in People management that enhances competence, productivity and quality of life.
Mission Statement
Institute standards, enhance development and promote Human Resource Management as a strategic function in organization.

Aims and Objectives

1) To encourage and promote the development of the Human Resources Management practice.
2) To maintain and foster Human Resources management practice in commerce, industry, trade, government, para-government, voluntary organizations and others.
3) To foster and maintain high professional standards among Human Resources practitioners.
4) To act as a pressure group to safeguard the professional interests of the members.
5) To organize/arrange meetings, tours, lectures, discussions, conferences and seminars for practitioners and/management or for both to enable them to exchange views, ideas, experiences, information etc, in the interest of the profession.
6) To provide consultancy and advice on Human Resources management practice and operation to National Institutions and any other interested parties.
7) To act as clearing House on Human Resources Management practices.
8) To publish periodically a bulletin containing information and general professional interests for circulation to members.

1) Members: - Full-time Practitioners of HRM.
2) Associates: - Individuals who are not HR practitioners but are connected to HR practice.
3) Student Member: - Individuals who are undertaking a course in HRM or related subject.
4) Retired Members: - Individual who have retired in the active HRM practice.
5) Corporate Members: - Institutions with the HRM function.

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